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FURTHER UPDATE: I have just spoken to the UK T-Mobile Technical Support who seem to be very good. I haven’t had to phone them before until now but they seem to answer very quickly! The guy I spoke to said the last few calls he had personally dealt with were all regarding the same problems. He put me on hold to ask his colleagues and they had all received calls about the same problem too. He raised my call to the engineers too and said usually a fix is returned within five working days. He did add that given the massive scale of the problem and the amount of calls they are receiving about it, it should be resolved a lot sooner. He also said his G2 Touch was working fine 😛

Sam, the first commenter, did your’s stop working again shortly after?

It is weird how clearing the cache and/or changing to the 2G network seems to give me access for a short while. I’m surprised how many hits this post has had!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Forcing the phone to only connect over 2G networks did make it work for a while but then…. back to the failed signing in and auto sync not auto syncing! I also tried the option at the bottom of GMail where you can view account activity and click to “Sign out all other sessions.” I turned off the Android phone, shut down Google Talk on the computer, and then signed out all other sessions to my account. Still no further.

Some US forums are busy with this problem occurring on the Rogers network and AT&T. Reports suggest after an update was pushed out over the air. The thing is, as far as I know, T-Mobile don’t use Over The Air updates….

Anyone else having the same issues with their Android device?

UPDATE: Selecting to use only 2G networks seems to fix the issue. I have been running fine on it for about an hour. Seems like there is an issue with the 3G network for some of us.

To use only 2G networks go to the Android menu and go to Settings. Then go to Wireless Controls. Then go to Mobile Network Settings and tick the box next to Use Only 2G Networks.

Please comment to confirm if this works for other users or if the problem still persists!


It is Tuesday the 16th of February 2010. I have had a whole day of constant problems getting Google Talk to sign in on my UK T-Mobile G2 Touch. Emails are also not automatically synchronizing anymore and have to be manually refreshed.

The error that keeps being displayed when attempting to sign into Google Talk is “Could Not Connect To Server. Will Retry Shortly.”

This has been happening all day today and started last night. As I have been out most of the day, I haven’t had a good chance to take a look at it until now.

Before calling T-Mobile Tech Support, I took the time to Google the problem itself which brought back a couple of scattered reports of the same problem also posted today on some forums.

I found posts where people had reset their phones back to the factory defaults and started again but were still having problems. I read another post where one guy was given the Californian number for Google and told to call them by T-Mobile! Some other people also re-installed the firmware on their handsets which still resulting in no luck.

I cleared the cache on my phone for the Google Talk and Google Talk Service to see if it made a difference. It didn’t fix the problem for me but it might be worth trying on your handset if you happen to be reading this.

For those that don’t know, below will explain how to clear those caches.

  1. Go to the Android menu and select Settings.
  2. Then scroll down and select Applications.
  3. Select Manage Applications and let the list load.
  4. Scroll down the list to find Google Talk. Click on it and click Clear Data. You will be asked to confirm the action with the message “All information you’ve saved in this application will be deleted permanently.” Click OK to confirm this action.
  5. Underneath the Clear Data button, there is a Clear Cache button. If it is selectable, clear the cache. You will also be prompted by the same confirmation box that appeared when pressing the Clear Data button.

For me that didn’t help at all but was worth a try. I turned the phone off and also removed the battery. I then put the battery back in, turned the phone on again, let it start-up and the problem was still happening.

The whole situation evidently seems to be a network related issue. I can browse the Internet fine. I can receive emails fine although I do have to manually refresh now and they aren’t coming in automatically.