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I just bought the PC game RAGE from Steam for £6.49 here

For those of you also wondering the same thing, I was trying to find out if it came with the DLC because it didn’t say it on the Steam Store page. I got it anyway and just checked by right clicking RAGE in my library and clicking “View Downloadable Content.”

There’s an entry in the DLC list called “Rage Sewers DLC” and it’s the only DLC that came with it. The Sewers DLC adds a load of sewers to explore all over the RAGE land.

I hope this helps other people also questioning this! Now it’s time to download the mega 21GB download on my slow ADSL connection o_O

If anyone wants to try co-op add me on Steam with the alias Hazmat Drummer and let’s play!


New Blog Coming

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m going to be moving Tech Chaos over to a new blog host soon for various reasons. It’ll also have new file hosting where the links don’t die!

A new internet game is about to be launched which allows ‘super snooper’ players to plug into the nation’s CCTV cameras and report on members of the public committing crimes.

The ‘Internet Eyes’ service involves players scouring thousands of CCTV cameras installed in shops, businesses and town centres across Britain looking for law-breakers.

Players who help catch the most criminals each month will win cash prizes up to £1,000.

Internet Eyes Crime deterrent or snoopers paradise? The CCTV website allows access to a network of cameras where watchers can report crimes to camera owners

The Internet Eyes’ website will also feature a rogue’s gallery of the so-called ‘criminals’ along with a list of their offences and which internet user caught them.

But civil rights campaigners today condemned the game, which launches in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, next month, and branded it ‘a snoopers paradise’.

They claim nosey neighbours could snoop on homeowners putting the wrong rubbish in bins and even motorists guilty of the most minor misdemeanors.

But businessman Tony Morgan, a former restaurant owner, said it would give local businesses protection against petty criminals, and act as a deterrent once ‘Internet Eyes patrol here’ signs are prominently displayed.

He will charge those who use the service, which could eventually include local authorities and even police forces as well as shop owners, £20 a week per camera to have their CCTV included on the site – amounting to thousands each year.

Internet EyesInternet Eyes: David Steele, Tony Morgan and James Woodward

He said: ‘This could turn out to be the best crime prevention weapon there’s ever been.

‘I wanted to combine the serious business of stopping crime with the incentive of winning money.

‘There are over four million CCTV cameras in the UK and only one in a thousand gets watched.

‘Crimes are bound to get missed but this way people the cameras will be watched by lots of people 24-hours-a-day.

‘It gives people something better to do than watching Big Brother when everyone is asleep.

‘We’ve had a lot of interest from local businesses and hope to roll it out nationwide and then worldwide.’

He said the team had seen a wave of support and denied that liberties were being affected.

‘There are more than four million cameras in the UK so everybody is on camera already, it is just that no one is watching the cameras.’

Players collect points by watching the cameras, which show CCTV images in real-time, and click a button every time they see something suspicious taking place.

An SMS or text message, along with a still image of the alleged crime, is sent to whoever controls the camera. They can then decide whether or not to take action.

The camera controller will send a feedback email back to the player indicating whether a crime has taken place.

Players are awarded one point for spotting a suspected crime and three points if they see someone committing an actual crime.  Players also lose points if the camera operator rules that the alert was not a crime.

The game has been condemned by civil rights campaigners who claim it will encourage people to spy and snitch on each other.

Charles Farrier, director of the No-CCTV pressure group, said: ‘It is an appalling idea for a game and will create a snoopers paradise.

‘It is something which should be nipped in the bud immediately. It will not only encourage a dangerous spying mentality by turning crime into a game but also could lead to dangerous civil rights abuses.

‘What if a group of racists decide to send alerts every time a black person is seen on screen and what’s stopping criminals using the cameras to scope out where to commit crimes.’

James Woodward, head of the technical team for Internet Eyes, which is based in Devon and Stratford-upon-Avon, said safeguards – including blocking players out for sending three incorrect alerts – would prevent the game being abused.

He said: ‘For privacy reasons users will not know the location of the cameras. They will find it very difficult to work out where the camera is.

‘It is possible that someone who is blocked out could see a crime taking place but be unable to alert the operator.

‘But it is probably safe to assume someone else looking at the same camera will raise the alarm.

‘Whoever has a CCTV camera, be it the police, local authorities or business or home owners can sign up to have their cameras watched. We hope to include police cameras very soon.’

The game will initially use CCTV cameras in shops and businesses in Stratford-upon-Avon but will be rolled out across Britain by December before going worldwide next year.

Last month it was revealed that Britain has 4.2 million CCTV cameras – the equivalent of one per 14 people – one-and-a-half-times as many as Communist China.
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Faulting application sourceserver.exe, version, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.2.3790.4480, fault address 0x0000bef7.

I was looking for ages for a fix for this! I found it on another message board over at and felt I had to get this information further out into the Tech world. Now Google needs to do it’s part of the bargain! 😛

Bill Bryson – 14 Dec 2005 17:17 GMT

Is there a solution to the inability to delegate using Entourage 2004 SP2.
Some people in the past indicated that they had success but others like
myself get the “error :65486” no matter what we do. Also it does not matter
what I put in the Advanced field – nothing changes (even when I put
gibberish in this field).

If ANYONE can get delegate to work, could you post your configuration info.
Also include the version of your Exchange server. We are using Exchange

Bill Bryson

Matthew Scholz – 02 Feb 2006 23:36 GMT

Hello Everybody,

After much searching and grief (and a few hours with someone at M$ who
actually knew what they were talking about) I finally have a working
configuration that provides this functionality.

It turns out that Office for Mac 2004 SP2 is worlds apart from its
un-patched counterpart. To get to the meat of it, SP2 has a partial
implementation of RPC. As far as I can tell this is completely undocumented
but it explains the reason that you can right-click on a item in the folders
list on the left and delegate that way but not via Tools -> accounts -> edit
account -> delegate. The former method uses Webdav to delegate while the
latter uses RPC.

Since no admin I’ve talked to knew that RPC was implemented in SP2, none of
them had considered the requirements of RPC when configuring the client
machines. First of all this won’t work for anyone who doesn’t have a
connection that can route RPC. Second, the client machine must have the
exchange server’s domain listed in the Search Domains field in System
Preferences -> Network Preferences (don’t ask me why).

Assuming the network/DNS infrastructure is configured correctly for exchange
and you made the change above, you can create an exchange account with the
Account Setup Assistant and it will successfully determine your settings.
Try it first without SSL if you have problems but it should work fine either
way. Click Verify Settings and make sure everything works.

Now here’s the crazy part: edit the account you just created and under
Account Settings change the domain name from the FQDN to just the name of
the domain i.e. ( changes to exchangedomain). Quit
and reopen Entourage and everything should work fine.

I’m running Exchange Server 2003 on Windows Server 2003 with all service
packs and critical patches installed as of 2006.02.01. My client workstation
runs Mac OS 10.4.4 with Office 11.2.1. According the the guy at M$ they are
currently testing office SP3 which has major improvements and expansion of
RPC as well as some other really cool stuff for Entourage.

The SP2 upgrade really was huge – MS keep up the good work, I’d just ask
that you update your knowledge base once in a while ;-).

– Matthew Scholz

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