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Tonight I got the invalid Steam UserID ticket bug whilst loading  up a game of No More Room In Hell. I connected to a server and then it would straight away disconnect displaying that error. A quick Google search and I found the below fix on the NMRIH forum.

For you guys that have tried everything, this has worked ALWAYS for me, and friends who encounter this problem here are steps to fix it.

1.) Go to your steam folder. EX: C:/(x86)Program Files/Steam

2.) Highlight everything and then ctrl+left click TWO items. Steamapps and Steam.exe (Steam.exe is your Application that starts steam..)

3.) Delete everything but Steamapps and Steam.exe

4.) Run Steam.exe it will begin updating. Once you’ve updated log-in. It may ask for a 5 digit code to authorize that it is you logging in, go to email and get your code.

5.) It says everything is re-installing but it is already, simply wait a minute and restart steam.

6.) Once you are back into Steam NMRIH should be ready to play with no Invalid User ID Ticket error!

7.) Have fun! :D

I can confirm that the bug was fixed after I followed the fix above. On page two of the thread the below shorter fix was listed.

Seriously, I got the “Invalid SteamID Ticket” error too and all I did was that I closed Steam and removed the “config” folder from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam”. Then I ran Steam, logged in (then Steam asks authorization, so get your e-mail ready) and done! It works. No rocket science, amazing! :D

I haven’t tried the shorter fix myself but users on the forum confirm it works. The first fix also deletes the config file so maybe the config file is the only file that actually needs to be deleted.

The original thread I got this info from is here.