FIX: Outlook 2007 Instant Search Broken / Indexer Not Indexing Mail Items

Posted: September 24, 2009 in Microsoft, Microsoft Office
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This fix completely solved it!

Well, it cost me a support incident at MSFT so hopefully what I learned
will help others.

I am running Outlook 2007 as part of Office 2007 Ultimate on Windows XP

There have been numerours threads around with people complaining that
searching in instant search in Outlook 2007 or through Windows Desktop
Search 3.0 doesn’t return any results. Some have said that PST files
work fine but results from Exchange mailboxes were missing.

The solution on my machine turned out to be related to the fact that
the Exchange 2003 system management tools were installed on my
machine.There was a problem discovered whereby the Exchange tools
replace certain MAPI DLL files used by WDS and the DLLs used by the
Exchange tools don’t support WDS. Unfortunately there isn’t any logging
that this is actually occuring so it makes it hard to figure this
problem out.

The solution to the problem is to run the fixmapi.exe tool located in
your system32 directory and then reboot. You can run fixmapi.exe from
the command line if you like. Please note that fixmapi.exe does not
write anything out to the screen so it seems like it runs for a second,
exits and has done nothing. This is normal. Just run it and reboot.

There is a KB article on this:

After your computer reboots you will need to rebuild your index and
open Outlook so that indexing can begin.

That should fix it.

So, if you’ve got the Exhcange management tools installed on your
machine and are having problems with Outloook 2007 instant search not
returning any result then this should hopefully fix it for you.

Good luck.




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