Error 65486 – Entourage cannot connect to the Exchange server. Make sure that your password was entered correctly and try again. (Error: 65486)

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

I was looking for ages for a fix for this! I found it on another message board over at and felt I had to get this information further out into the Tech world. Now Google needs to do it’s part of the bargain! 😛

Bill Bryson – 14 Dec 2005 17:17 GMT

Is there a solution to the inability to delegate using Entourage 2004 SP2.
Some people in the past indicated that they had success but others like
myself get the “error :65486” no matter what we do. Also it does not matter
what I put in the Advanced field – nothing changes (even when I put
gibberish in this field).

If ANYONE can get delegate to work, could you post your configuration info.
Also include the version of your Exchange server. We are using Exchange

Bill Bryson

Matthew Scholz – 02 Feb 2006 23:36 GMT

Hello Everybody,

After much searching and grief (and a few hours with someone at M$ who
actually knew what they were talking about) I finally have a working
configuration that provides this functionality.

It turns out that Office for Mac 2004 SP2 is worlds apart from its
un-patched counterpart. To get to the meat of it, SP2 has a partial
implementation of RPC. As far as I can tell this is completely undocumented
but it explains the reason that you can right-click on a item in the folders
list on the left and delegate that way but not via Tools -> accounts -> edit
account -> delegate. The former method uses Webdav to delegate while the
latter uses RPC.

Since no admin I’ve talked to knew that RPC was implemented in SP2, none of
them had considered the requirements of RPC when configuring the client
machines. First of all this won’t work for anyone who doesn’t have a
connection that can route RPC. Second, the client machine must have the
exchange server’s domain listed in the Search Domains field in System
Preferences -> Network Preferences (don’t ask me why).

Assuming the network/DNS infrastructure is configured correctly for exchange
and you made the change above, you can create an exchange account with the
Account Setup Assistant and it will successfully determine your settings.
Try it first without SSL if you have problems but it should work fine either
way. Click Verify Settings and make sure everything works.

Now here’s the crazy part: edit the account you just created and under
Account Settings change the domain name from the FQDN to just the name of
the domain i.e. ( changes to exchangedomain). Quit
and reopen Entourage and everything should work fine.

I’m running Exchange Server 2003 on Windows Server 2003 with all service
packs and critical patches installed as of 2006.02.01. My client workstation
runs Mac OS 10.4.4 with Office 11.2.1. According the the guy at M$ they are
currently testing office SP3 which has major improvements and expansion of
RPC as well as some other really cool stuff for Entourage.

The SP2 upgrade really was huge – MS keep up the good work, I’d just ask
that you update your knowledge base once in a while ;-).

– Matthew Scholz


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