Force Remove/Uninstall of Blue Coat K9 Web Filter without the Password

Posted: August 21, 2009 in Exploits, Hacking and Security, Software
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I was preparing to write up the solution in this article but was unable to forcefully uninstall it!

I tried all of the ideas I could think of and suggestions scattered about the Internet about this piece of software. The request to remove it genuinely was from a user. The K9 web filter was installed on an old system and the user had forgotten the password which led them to not being able to use it for browsing the Internet.

I tried forcefully uninstalling the application with a tool called Portable Uninstall Tool which can be found on another blog called FC Portables. I used the uninstall tool to forcefully remove the K9 web filter and also scan for and remove all registry entries relating to the web filter. After that I tried more methods.

  1. Ran CCleaner on the system removing all of the files found and thorughly cleaned the registry. Don’t forget to backup the registry when it asks if you are also trying this.
  2. Manually searched through the registry deleting all registry keys referencing K9 Webfilter or BlueCoat.
  1. mimi says:

    how was it? is it working?

  2. Tech Chaos says:

    I never managed to fully remove it in the end. I was listing all the steps that I did take in case it helped someone else out or gave them more ideas but I haven’t updated the article yet.

    I did read on a forum that one technician managed to remove it successfully but he never answered anyone who asked him for the instructions.

    Other forums have users stating that it is impossible to remove or the developers of the product have hidden parts of the application or registry keys very well due to K9 being a serious security tool.

    I’ll update the article soon with as much information as possible and links to all of the other ideas I could find.

    If everyone collaborates ideas and knowledge on here, maybe a solution will be found….

  3. I just tried the exact same methods, and no luck. As soon as you open IE, K9 returns. Is there a hook perhaps, encrypted in one of the ‘random digit’ registry keys?


    This will work to deactivate the program (will not uninstall, but renders it harmless):
    Access Device Manager:
    Right–click My Computer, click Manage, and then click Device Manager.
    Open Device Manager
    Click View
    Click Show Hidden devices
    Under Non Plug and play drivers disable the following:
    On next reboot, a small window appears on bottom of screen stating that K9 is “corrupted.” To get rid of this screen, click on it and a K9 website appears. Just close the window.
    If you wish to re-instate the program, repeat all of the above and choose “use this program” in the drop-down menu in the dialogue box. (Note, if you try to automatically reinstate the pgm, microsoft will say the attempt failed. You not have to do anything other than choose “use this program” in the drop – down menu). Reboot.

  5. vishal says:

    i dont like it it blocked alll my avourite things how can i un install it??????????????

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had a bypass for it for a while then i but it back,. but trying to remove it again seems to fail….

    1. restart computer and go into safe mode.
    2. open the start menu and type ‘msconfig’
    3. under services and start up de-select ANYTHING relating to K9
    4. delete your Blue Coat K9 folder where you installed it.
    5. restart your computer and all should be well.

    If not then simply restore the K9 files from the recycling bin and re-select the boxes in msconfig

  7. Anonymous says:

    Follow these steps EXACTLY or you’ll screw up your comp
    1. Download a copy of the K9 installer and have a license key ready
    2. Open up task manager and end k9filter.exe
    3. Go to C:\Program Files\Blue Coat K9 Web Protection (i think)
    4. Create a folder inside this folder called “backup”
    5. Move everything in the folder into backup
    6. Next, open the start menu and type “regedit” and open up registry editor
    7. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Blue Coat Systems\
    8. Rename the K9 folder to something other then K9
    9. Restart your computer
    10. Open up IE and go to google
    11. Set your password
    12. Uninstall

  8. vinod says:

    hi i am vinod i have k9 web protection blue coat filter and i removed from program files, but i want to remove from my laptop for permenently forever, & forgot license & password also i am not able to remove it please help me out from k9 web protection blue coat.

  9. gpc tech says:

    ok i figured it out.

    1. delete bckd.sys out of the windows\system32\drivers folder
    2. search registry for bckd and delete the two folders under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001 and ControlSet002

    note: this is after i force uninstalled with revo uninstaller, scanning and deleting all references in registry and program files folder searching things like “blue coat”

    • Peter says:

      GPC Tech’s solution worked for me but it screwed up my Avast antivirus installation which then had to be removed via safe mode using the aswclear.exe utility available on the Avast website then reinstalled. Thanks for the help GPC Tech

  10. Seb says:

    this programs was painful!!! It was one of the download links included with CA security. never again….
    I couldn’t find the bckd.sys
    Here is how I had to forcefully remove it after forgetting the password:

    1.) Run MSconfig
    Startup tab: deselect blue coat k9 entry
    Services tab: untick blue coat k9
    2.) open cmd prompt
    3.) delete as many files from C:\Program Files\Blue Coat K9 Web Protection
    // if you feel brave you can use the following command
    // del “C:\Program Files\Blue Coat K9 Web Protection\.” /s/f/q
    4.) Reboot your machine
    5.) Try to use a web page and web interface will complain about k9 being corrupted.
    6.) Just download a fresh copy and register for a new serial key using an email address you have access to
    7.) install the fresh copy and use your new key to set a new password (remember it this time!!)
    8.) Use the start menu to uninstall k9 with your new passwork
    9.) Mutter and curse that you lost the damn password

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