{Solved} Faulting Module BtwVdpCapFilter.dll Crashing Internet Explorer on Vista

Posted: August 17, 2009 in Microsoft, Software
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Here’s a good one! (Solution is in the last paragraph! :P)

On opening Internet Explorer and just after the web page loaded, IE started to crash. The window appeared asking whether I wanted to pointlessly check for solutions online or close the program.

I clicked on more information and found what I was looking for. Faulting module BtwVdpCapFilter.dll. At first glance I googled the module which bought back information stating that the module belongs to Sony. Went to Manage Add Ons in the Internet Explorer options and disabled the one I could find from Sony Corporation. It was an add on called VAUX Control and it was now disabled. This didn’t fix it. Another Google search bought back the solution.

The solution is to rename the .dll to stop it from running with IE. It’s not really the best solution but it does fix the problem.

BtwVdpCapFilter.dll is located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory.

I just renamed it to BtwVpdCapFilter (Disabled).dll. It doesn’t matter what it is renamed to but that seemed appropriate enough. According to the forum at the source link below, Sony are releasing a patch for this soon. It’s a good idea to check the Sony website for patches too if this post is being read some time from posting.


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