Stop Screensaver Locking Terminal Services Sessions

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Here was a new one. A user would be logged onto the server through a terminal services session, would minimize the session to carry out another task on the local computer, and when the user went bazck to the terminal services session, the session had locked and was asking for the users password again. Although it is not hard to reypte the password, the user complained because it constantly happens and asked to have the idle time extended before the session locks or disconnects.

Checked the Terminal Services Configuration on the server but all of the settings were set to never disconnect or lock the session. These settings were applied from earlier requests. I then researched other ways in which a Terminal Services session can lock out and found that the screensaver itself can lock the session when the mouse is moved or a key pressed to clear the screensaver. It works the same way it does on a local desktop where you can tick the box in the screensaver settings to On resume, show Welcome screen. Somewhere along the line Windows seems to get confused and locks all sessions out when the screensaver exits. I found some further reseach too quoted below.

I had the exact same issue on the W2K3 ts server here. It was the W2K3 screen saver kicking in every 10 minutes (which is the dedault). Nothing was set for this in the Group Policy object that controls the ts connections. Here’s what I did:

1) log into the ts server as an admin and change the display, screen saver to NONE
2) connect to the GPO that is controlling the TS users, and go to User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Display. Change Screen Saver and Screen Saver Timeout from Not Configured to Disabled.

This solved my problems. Hope this helps out.



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