HP Compaq NC6120 Blank Screen – Screen Turning OffHard

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Uncategorized

Someone called up today with a problem with an HP Compaq NC6120 laptop. The screen would randomly go completely blank or sometimes turn a red, green or a blue colour before then going fully black. The machine would still be on while this happened. It was reported that the only way to then get the screen back on was to hold down the power button and then restart the laptop. After some research, I found one article on the Internet where people had the same issue. According to the forum, which can be found in the source below, this model of laptop was popular for hardware errors relating to the graphics card and the screen.

We have about 30 nc6120’s in our office and out in the field. There are a couple that have been having a problem with the screens. After the system has been up for a while (even while someone is working) the screen will go a dark shade of purple. You can still hear the hard drive spinning but there is no way to get the screen back. They have to do a hard shutdown to get the system back and all info they were working on is lost. I have set all power setting to NEVER, but am still having this problem.

Any help in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.



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