Disable Windows Error Reporting (WER) in Windows 7

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

To disable Windows Error Reporting in Windows 7. Click on the Start Menu and search for Run. If you can’t find it there, it will be in the Accessories sub menu.

When you have the Run box open. Type in gpedit.msc which will open up the Group Policy Editor. Then follow the steps below.

  1. In the Group Policy Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Systems > Internet Communication Management > Internet Communication Settings from the navigation bar on the left hand side.
  2. In the right hand pane, you will then see a list of different policies or rules to enable.
  3. Double click on the rule or policy titled Turn Off Windows Error Reporting. A new dialogue box will open and you will see options to enable and disable it. Enable the rule, then click Apply and OK.

A lot of people report that the Windows Error Reporting feature causes a lot of problems in Windows 7. One user reports of error logs of 60MB in size being generated and then uploading to Microsoft. More information and the source of this article can be found here.

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